Album Saturday 1.3. — Schedule

This Saturday some rock album essentials will be played once again.

Here are the estimated starting times for the albums (GMT+2):


12:00 Led Zeppelin — Led Zeppelin II


12:40 Black Sabbath — Paranoid



13:25 Pink Floyd — Wish You Were Here


14:10 The Velvet Underground — The Velvet Underground & Nico



15:00 The Beatles — Help!


15:30 Emerson, Lake & Palmer — Brain Salad Surgery




16:15 The Who — Tommy

Album Saturday 22.2. Summary

Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Framed

The tracks work together pretty well, which makes the album sound quite decent despite of the songs being poor and unchallenging.


Tindersticks – Curtains

Hypnotic pop. If you want something relaxing to roll on a calm Saturday evening, then you might as well pick this.


David Bowie – Outside

Partially unlistened


Tito & Tarantula – Tarantism

Tito & Tarantula’s Angry Cockroaches is a rather nice composition. Other songs tend to have their good and bad moments.


Scorpions – Taken By Force

The songs are simple, but well performed technically, possessing an “epic” sound slightly lesser to the one of Rainbow. The A-side has good melodies and wailing guitar solos that are a worthy listen. The B-side gets worse.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire

A delightful listen after all the pop albums that came before this, I must say. The progressive space rock theme and cheesy guitar notes are just what I needed. From Pluto through the Solar Fire

Rainbow – Rising

Partially unlistened due to FIN—USA hockey game.


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers

Partially unlistened. Please understand, ice hockey is sacred here in Finland.


Rush – 2112

5–0! Finland wins bronze in the olympics 2014. What a match!

Suggest albums to play in the next Album Saturday (on 22.2. 12pm-7pm)!

This is a suggestion week. Next week all the albums will be put to vote. The 10 albums with most votes will be chosen to play on Saturday 22.2. 12pm-18pm.

To suggest an album, write the name of the album as well as the name of the band into the answer box (which follows the word “other”) and press the “vote” button.

The voting has been closed. I received exactly 10 album suggestions (2 of the answers were tests of mine), all of which will be played next Saturday.

Here are the suggestions I received with the estimated starting times (GMT+2):
12:00 Sensational Alex Harvey BandFramed
12:45 TindersticksCurtains
13:45 David BowieOutside
15:00 Tito & TarantulaTarantism
15:45 ScorpionsTaken By Force
16:25 Manfred Mann’s Earth BandSolar Fire
16:55 RainbowRising
17:30 Manfred Mann’s Earth BandNightingales & Bombers
18:10 Rush2112

BlackfeatherAt the mountains of madness — unfortunally can’t be found on Grooveshark, so it won’t be played.

Album Saturday: Experimental Rock — Summary

Captain BeefheartSafe as Milk

Interesting themes and ideas brought to life. Sometimes a nice, surrealistic setting comes short by returning to the conventional blues rock scheme. An album worth listening to.


Tom Waits

By mixing together jazz, blues and a piece of his own soul, Tom Waits has truly found a music niche of his own. Enter it for an ultimate chillout.


The Monks
Black Monk Time

A clear “stomping” beat that fuses the whole album works well. Blast off with The Monks!


Os Mutantes

A Brazilian psychedelic rock jewel, extremely rich with ideas. The Spanish language doesn’t disturb, but on the contrary sounds funny and leads on to a mental equilibrium.


The Mothers of Invention
Freak Out!

Partially unlistened


The Godz
Contact High with the Godz

Partially unlistened



If I should compare Faust with anything, then it is basically Revolution n.9 taken much further. This record came from another plane, yet is harmonic musically.


David Bowie

Beaty and the Beast as well as the ambient tracks on the B-side of the album are nice, but overall the album failed to impress me.

Album Saturday: Blues Rock – Summary

Blues CreationBlues Creation

A quite enjoyable album by this Japanese band. Steppin’ Out is very well performed.


John Mayall & the BluesbreakersBlues Breakers with Eric Clapton

Contains many exceptional tracks and the feeling is just right. A definite listening experience.


Ten Years AfterSsssh

The groovy and somewhat dire sound of the organ combined with the amazing guitar skills of Alvin Lee won’t leave anyone unsatisfied.


The AnimalsAnimalism

Eric Burdon sure could sing, and each song makes it very clear to the listener. The band also variates the loudness of the tracks with great succession, which time to time creates a hypnotic, almost magical effect.

Taj MahalTaj Mahal

Skillful playing and the wholeness of the album leads to an uninterrupted flow of blues.


The Allman Brothers BandIdlewild South

With its gentle heartland touch, this an album that rocks the background. The real deal comes with the live recording In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and the cover of Hoochie Coochie Man.


George Thorogood and the DestroyersGeorge Thorogood and the Destroyers

partially unlistened


Derek and the DominosLayla and Other Assorted Love Songs

My mind is torn apart between the sweet guitar solos and the overall sound, which is often too pop for my taste. However, the album gradually improves towards the end, and is crowned by the masterpiece Layla.