Suggest albums to play in the next Album Saturday (on 22.2. 12pm-7pm)!

This is a suggestion week. Next week all the albums will be put to vote. The 10 albums with most votes will be chosen to play on Saturday 22.2. 12pm-18pm.

To suggest an album, write the name of the album as well as the name of the band into the answer box (which follows the word “other”) and press the “vote” button.

The voting has been closed. I received exactly 10 album suggestions (2 of the answers were tests of mine), all of which will be played next Saturday.

Here are the suggestions I received with the estimated starting times (GMT+2):
12:00 Sensational Alex Harvey BandFramed
12:45 TindersticksCurtains
13:45 David BowieOutside
15:00 Tito & TarantulaTarantism
15:45 ScorpionsTaken By Force
16:25 Manfred Mann’s Earth BandSolar Fire
16:55 RainbowRising
17:30 Manfred Mann’s Earth BandNightingales & Bombers
18:10 Rush2112

BlackfeatherAt the mountains of madness — unfortunally can’t be found on Grooveshark, so it won’t be played.