Album Saturday 22.2. Summary

Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Framed

The tracks work together pretty well, which makes the album sound quite decent despite of the songs being poor and unchallenging.


Tindersticks – Curtains

Hypnotic pop. If you want something relaxing to roll on a calm Saturday evening, then you might as well pick this.


David Bowie – Outside

Partially unlistened


Tito & Tarantula – Tarantism

Tito & Tarantula’s Angry Cockroaches is a rather nice composition. Other songs tend to have their good and bad moments.


Scorpions – Taken By Force

The songs are simple, but well performed technically, possessing an “epic” sound slightly lesser to the one of Rainbow. The A-side has good melodies and wailing guitar solos that are a worthy listen. The B-side gets worse.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Solar Fire

A delightful listen after all the pop albums that came before this, I must say. The progressive space rock theme and cheesy guitar notes are just what I needed. From Pluto through the Solar Fire

Rainbow – Rising

Partially unlistened due to FIN—USA hockey game.


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Nightingales & Bombers

Partially unlistened. Please understand, ice hockey is sacred here in Finland.


Rush – 2112

5–0! Finland wins bronze in the olympics 2014. What a match!