Unruly Child — Unruly Child

Unruly ChildUnruly Child

An eponymous pop rock album from the 90’s. I stumbled upon something from their second album and thought I might give it a chance this Friday evening. And guess what? It was just as horrible as I feared it would be.

I tended to like the first track, On The Rise, but the next ones started to get unbearable. I don’t know why this album never made it big, since it certainly has the “qualities” for it. For starters, each song lasts for exactly four minutes, which is an optimal length for radio plays. The album also includes both wannabe driving rock and lame guitar solos mixed in with the slow, boring feel-the-love blubber. However, the guitar is clean and the voice of the singer adequate. In addition to that, the last song even shows a glimpse of creativity (it lasts 6 minutes instead of 4)!