Unnkerr Swéghléoðras: Part 1 — Distant Melodies

So Grooveshark was shut down two weeks ago on Friday, forever. Together with its playlists, databases and broadcasts. I still haven’t completely gotten over it. Yet my knowledge and passion for music remains—so I thought I might employ a similar tactic to Rich Aftersabbath and release my own one hour mixes of songs from different artists. Rich has done a great job of compiling rare heavy psych, yet it doesn’t always need to be rare, heavy or psych, does it?

This first release is called Distant Melodies and consists solely of progressive material. For now, the medium I’m using is Youtube, perhaps later I’ll change to something better. I’ve tried to choose best quality I could find. Enjoy!

Unnkerr Swéghléoðras: Part 1 — Distant Melodies

Track listing:

  1. Weed — My Dream
  2. Yes — Then
  3. Starcastle — Diamond Song (Deep is the Light)
  4. Julian Jay Savarin — Child of the Night
  5. Emerson Lake & Palmer — In the Beginning
  6. Jade Warrior — Lady of the Lake
  7. Camel — La Princesse Perdue
  8. Greenslade — Sundance
  9. Caravan — But Where for the Caravan Would I?
  10. Premiata Forneria Marconi — Impressioni di Settembre

Play time: 1h 3min 34s

If you have a moment to spare, I would love to hear your thoughts on this project. Thanks!


Next release: Unnkerr Swéghléoðras: Part 2 — The Dark Book of Love

3 thoughts on “Unnkerr Swéghléoðras: Part 1 — Distant Melodies

  1. Yay! Awesome project. Quirky prog choice 🙂 Can you please make a groovy rock-list when you are in the mood? In the spirit of your station, i.e. including the titans like Deep Purple, LedZep and BlackSab but no 80s hair that creeps into any other rock list (Def Leppard, Van Halen and the like ><). I so miss the 60-70s rock station! Totally concur – not over GS demise yet. BTW – did you try audiosplitter for PL revival? Works slowly but steadily, and for sure is better than nothing. Keep up the great idea of Di-compilations!

  2. Hey Avi! Thanks a lot for all the encouragement 🙂 Of course, I’m already planning on groovy rock-lists—yet I’ll wait for the right mood to come, that’s when I believe I can come up with the best mix!

    I didn’t notice it myself, but that’s right—hair metal doesn’t really work for me… And a couple of others too. Especially those that sound fake or insincere. Can’t really explain it, can only feel it, but I guess you know what I mean 😛

    I tried audiosplitter, and even revived a couple of playlists, but for some reason I can only find a small portion (25) of my playlists appearing on the screen. And they still have that 100 song importing limit for now, and most of my playlists had way more songs. Yet luckily I had the most important playlists back-upped, and I could retrieve my whole collection from the browser console, so I’m fine 🙂

    Hope you can manage to save your own Screaming playlists, etc. with audiosplitter 😛
    And stay tuned for new releases! 😀


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