The Beatles—Help! |–| versus |–| The Who—Doctor Doctor

My dad can’t see the similitude between these two songs, whereas I think the resemblance is obvious.
What is your opinion?

The BeatlesHelp! (1965), from their Help! soundtrack album

The WhoDoctor, Doctor (1967),
from the b-side of their single “Pictures of Lily“/”Doctor, Doctor

2 thoughts on “The Beatles—Help! |–| versus |–| The Who—Doctor Doctor

  1. Taking into account that the lads in The Who liked to amuse themselves, I consider their song to be some kind of a parody or a tribute of a sort the The Beatles’ Help. Even the mentality of the lyrics matches in some way:

    “My health is not all that it used to be” vs.
    “But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured”

    as well as

    “Doctor doctor doctor make me well” vs.
    “Help me if you can, I’m feeling down”

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