Complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, for free

The complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by James Kibbie, are available for free from here, in a quite decent format (256 kbps AAC, the same as music in iTunes Store). It is definitely not a small thing to record 20 hours of organ music, and it is even more impressive to give it away for free. Also, as mentioned here, “James Kibbie is available to discuss issues of Bach interpretation and technique with organists via email”.

Some people in our world are still capable of genuine good deeds.

Archie Shepp plays rap

Few years ago I’ve seen wonderful Archie Shepp in concert. Even though he’s not, to say the least, young (born in 1937) he was so energetic and full of drive, pure fire. Recently I found very unusual disk by him: “Phat Jam in Milano”, recorded in 2007 (yes, he was 70 years old at that time). This is a live recording with Napoleon Maddox (yes, a rapper). Very interesting, I’d say.

Some rap (with sax solo at 2:20):

Amazing Archie Shepp’s “Revolution”:

What do you think?

My favourite jazz reviewer is Scott Yanow. But today I found out that I strongly disagree — for the first time — with one of his reviews.

The review of John Coltrane’s “Live at the Village Vanguard Again!” says:

John Coltrane plays […] with great beauty on “Naima,” but Pharoah Sanders’ ferocious screeching […] largely ruins the almost-sacred ballad.

In my opinion, the contrast between mellow Coltrane’s tones and severe aggressiveness of Sanders brings the colour to the piece which otherwise would be unbearably boring in this format. What do you think?