Nokia ringtone

Do you know where it comes from? “Gran Vals” by Francisco Tárrega. See video at 0:23.

Pink Floyd & Can

I just realised that “Main Theme” from Pink Floyd’s “More” sounds very much like something that could be performed by “Can”.

Compare around 2:00 here:

and this:

I’m not saying they are similar, no, but there’s something in the mood and sound, isn’t it?

Complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, for free

The complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by James Kibbie, are available for free from here, in a quite decent format (256 kbps AAC, the same as music in iTunes Store). It is definitely not a small thing to record 20 hours of organ music, and it is even more impressive to give it away for free. Also, as mentioned here, “James Kibbie is available to discuss issues of Bach interpretation and technique with organists via email”.

Some people in our world are still capable of genuine good deeds.